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During a 2-week period, you will learn key web design principles that will get you comfortable enough to start creating your own websites.



You will be introduced to the languages that power the web.





You will learn how to create good looking and structured websites.

Key Principles

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You will learn how to apply the principles taught on "real" website projects.

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Our Teachers

Learn web development foundamentals from our experts


Malcolm R. Kente

Full-stack Web Development Instructor at B. Startup School Amsterdam

A music enthusiast and software developer with a knack for creating functional software solutions. My mission is to help and improve digital communication through web development, one project at a time!


Savino Rasola

Full-Stack Developer at PickThisUp BV - Teacher Assistant at B. Startup School Amsterdam

Full-Stack Web Developer with solid background in Design, graduated in 2014 at the European Institute of Design achieving the best score. Strong passion for Back and Front-end Development, Visual and Interaction design.


Maxz van der Hucht

“ I am very grateful for everything Malcolm and Savino have taught me and I will surely miss their classes and the occasional dance moves. If you are looking for a teachers with wicked people skills, a great sense of humor and awesome teaching methods: 10/10 would recommend. ”


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